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The Arthritis & Infusion Center - Panama City, Florida - Take a Virtual Tour of Our Rheumatology Office and the Infusion Center
The Arthritis & Infusion Center - Panama City, Florida - What To Know Before Your First Visit
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Come Inside our Infusion Center
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Bay County's Most Experienced Board Certified Rheumatologist

We welcome you to The Arthritis & Infusion Center where Dr. Hulon Crayton not only is the most experienced Rheumatologist in the region, but in addition to being Board Certified, he also has a Master’s Degree in Hospital Administration. Because of these dual certifications, he is uniquely qualified to run his medical practice as well as the adjoining Infusion Center.

Rheumatology is the diagnosis and treatment of more than 150 arthritic and connective-tissue disorders. Because we have our own on-site infusion center, we can infuse arthritis medications intravenously for those who either request, or require, such treatment.

Please keep in mind that Dr. Crayton is not a primary-care physician, nor does he practice pain management; therefore, patients will need to secure the services of a primary-care physician as needed. Although Dr. Crayton does not treat children, he occasionally consults with juveniles age 16 and over.

Don’t wait … you can refer yourself to our medical practice; however, be sure you have checked with your insurance provider, before your visit, to make certain our practice is within your network of care.

The Arthritis & Infusion Center - Panama City, Florida - Out Patient Infusion Center

An infusion is a standard procedure that delivers a fluid (medication or solution) into a patient's bloodstream. The fluid flows from a sterile bag through plastic tubing and a small needle into one of the person's veins and into the bloodstream.

The Arthritis & Infusion Center - Panama City, Florida - Rheumatology Patient Center

Our patients' convenience is very important to us. Here you will find links to helpful forms, financial information, driving directions, and much more.